SixGen HACKBACK 2021

Training CTF for Cubermitis and Team Rocket subdivisions of Team Canada. Placed 11th out of 65 teams.

Digital Overdose 2021

Training CTF for Team Canada. Placed 37th out of 511 teams.

ECSC 2021 (Prague)

Represented Team Canada at the ECSC (European Cyber Security Challenge) in Prague, cooperating with 7 teammates to solve a combination of web, cryptography, OSINT, and various other challenges.

CyberSci Nationals 2021

Participated in CyberSci Nationals 2021 on team Team Rocket, making use of both security and communication skills to support the team and place second out of 8 teams.

NorthSec 2021

Participated in NorthSec 2021 on team Hack All The Things. Made a writeup of King's Siege Arsenal, grabbing a total of 4 flags. Placed 27th out of 80 teams.

NorthSec 2020

Participated in NorthSec 2020 on team H4TT. Placed 23rd out of 78 teams.

Friday Night Hacks

Organized weekly training for team and club members alike using Capture the Flag challenges to improve skills. Challenges included cryptography, reverse-engineering, web exploitation, and forensics.